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Claire Fleetneedle
Elocution, Dialect and Voice Coach

I am an extremely intuitive teacher with a strong focus on correct breathing, delivery and diction.
Working online on a one to one basis I tailor each class to your individual requirements. 

If you struggle with speech and communication I can gently help you find your voice. 

This can often be an enlightening journey of self development, as we discover and heal the root cause of why communication has been difficult for you.

Once your journey with me is complete, you will be able to move forward with good communication skills and a sense of total confidence in yourself and your abilities.

My actors sessions cover all aspects of vocal performance and technique to a high industry standard. 

I teach corporate clients how to enjoy engaging with their audience, looking at the subtle art of storytelling and how to use language to its full effect.

I also specialise in teaching students with additional educational needs. I understand that everyone learns in different ways, and try to structure every class to suit the pupils specific needs.

Whatever your requirements, I aim to make learning enlightening, interesting and fun.


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