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English is not my first language and I had a lot of insecurities as an actor (also in my daily life) due to my diction, among other things. I decided to go to elocution classes and this was a GAME CHANGER. Claire is very dedicated. Her structure and positive energy in all classes is remarkable. On top of that, she tailored them to my personal needs. Going to Claire's classes not only made me clearer and more engaging but also more marketable for the acting industry. My self-tapes, acting work, presentations and any speaking you could imagine were transformed. If you want to change your life and career (whatever you are doing), this is what you need!

Janes France - Actor


Claire is hands down the most attentive patient and wonderful accent coach out there. I have been taking weekly classes with her since September 2022 and I have to say she is amazing. I am bilingual so my accent is kind of all over the place and she managed to teach me multiple accents I never thought I could do. Her approach is tailored to your learning ability and she is also a very warm caring and compassionate person. She has truly mastered the skill of accents and she teaches with such ease and precision. If you are like me and think you’ll never get there. Run don’t walk and contact Claire today. I will continue to work with her as long as she’s happy to have me.


Michaela Mandzakova – Actor

Thanks to Claire I made a profound improvement with my voice sound and projection - she identified issues that I had no idea were hindering my speech. I'm a fitness / yoga and meditation instructor and the coaching helped to give my classes a professional polished edge. Highly recommended to anyone who speaks to groups as part of their work, and an absolute must for aspiring public speakers!


Angie Devi – Devi Workout

Claire is a fantastic voice coach. She has helped me with RP and we are now working on accents. I'm also learning about writers and poets and seeing the beauty in different texts.

David Howell - Actor

Love every lesson with Claire. Always makes me feel relaxed and her teaching takes me to an improved level with each lesson. Always learning something new about my voice and my ability to use it more effectively. In only a short time, I've gained more confidence in my ability to speak loud, clear and with feeling. I've had lots of positive feedback with people often saying I sound like a natural public speaker who must have had years of experience. Little do they know it was only a short time ago I completely avoided public speaking, always self-conscious my voice sounded nothing more than a boring, monotone mumble. Thanks Claire.

                                                                                                                                              Oliver Donovan - Professional


Claire is amazing at what she does. Working on my voice was a big step to take and Claire has made the journey enjoyable and exciting. She's made me feel more confident in my own abilities and career going forward. I'd highly recommend starting your voice journey with Claire - once you start you won't look back!

Henry Liston - Broadcast Journalist & Radio Reporter


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