Each class is tailored to the client’s exact requirements; 


For actors this can be rehearsing an audition piece or script for an upcoming role.  

For professionals looking to hone their public speaking skills this can be all elements of speech performance as well as editing content for a sharper delivery . 

Added to this she can help students neutralise their accents or acquire new ones. For Trans students she is able to teach techniques to soften or deepen the voice.

For students with speech problems or additional educational needs she uses various teaching methods to aid learning in a stress free and compatible way for each individual pupil.


Classes range between £30 and £60 per 1 hour session and pupils can book back to back sessions if required. 

Claire generally teaches between 11 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday but is usually able to accommodate students who are unable to attend during those hours. Emergency classes for auditions are also available. She is also able to adapt classes for pupils with special needs or learning difficulties. 

Most sessions are taught from Claire’s home in Horwich but Skype classes are also available, however she prefers at least one class in person to assess any posture issues.