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The Voice You've Always Wanted

In public speaking there are five key elements which create an exceptional voice. These combined elements are known as modulation, and once mastered give the speaker perfect vocal control.

1. Pace – The speed at which we utter sound. The correct speed of delivery adds substance to speech, and allows your audience to completely understand the content of your what you are saying.

2. Power – The emphasis we put on crucial words to convey meaning and to fully communicate the message.

3. Pitch – Sometimes called tone, is the placing of the voice on one of the points on the vocal scale e.g. High – Middle – Low, to convey the true meaning of your ‘story’.

4. Inflection – The natural gliding of the voice up and down the vocal scale creating a sound which is both interesting and appealing to listen to.

5. Pause – The most important element of speech. If used correctly it can add powerful effect and captivate the audience.

Many clients have an issue with at least one of these areas. With each class we work together on ways to change this. With hard work clients then

learn to harness the voice they have always wanted.


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