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The Confidence to Perform

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

For many performers and public speakers lack of confidence is a problem. No one feels self-assured all the time but there are things you can to do to improve your confidence.

1. Learn to take a compliment

Most of us are guilty of holding onto negative comments that people make about us, we mull them over and allow them crush us. How about positive comments? How about rather than disregarding them and focusing on the bad we learn to ruminate on the good? Next time someone gives you a compliment, spend as much time considering it as you do negative comments and see what a change it can make to how you see yourself.

2. Practice makes perfect

Being well prepared, i.e. knowing your material back to front makes a huge difference to self-confidence. If you are sure of what you are performing it will make any jitters far easier to shake off. Practising until you are perfect can only add to your confidence and will improve delivery.

3. Where to add impact

Voice training can show you how to add impact to your presentation or performance. Understanding how to use stress on the correct words to give them sense and meaning is so important. Learning how to use pauses to create drama can help to make even the accomplished speaker find a new voice.

4. A strong foundation

Often when we are nervous and feeling unsure we tend to shoulder breath, meaning we take shallow breaths in the upper part of our lungs. This immediately affects the power or your voice and means you will constantly run out of breath before the end of sentences. Standing correctly and using intercostal diaphragmatic breathing will solve this problem and having such a strong foundation will only add to your confidence.

So although being nervous and suffering stage fright are difficult to eradicate it is not impossible. If you have a positive sense of self and have been taught professional speaking and breathing skills you will be able to give an excellent performance every time.


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